Natuscoin: strengthening the conservation of private natural reserves through environmental cryptoassets.

What is Natuscoin?

Natuscoin is an innovative environmental cryptoasset system created to strengthen the network of private environmental conservation reserves (private reserves) in Brazil and other countries. The Natuscoin system is designed to generate benefits for participants.

Potential participants in the Natuscoin system are those interested in:
1) neutralize their carbon emissions,
2) offset their water consumption,
3) contribute to the conservation of threatened species,
4) contribute to the preservation of private reserves, generating multiple ecosystem benefits to society.

The Natuscoin system is under development, and its initial focus is Brazil's private reserves, which form one of the largest privately protected area systems in the world. This includes Private Natural Heritage Reserve (RPPNs) on Amazon and other Brazilian biomes, as well as different types of private protected areas.

After the initial stage, the system will include private reserves located in other countries.

Do you know what the RPPNs are?

RPPNs are created voluntarily and in perpetuity by landowners, through a formal designation by governmental agencies. The RPPNs aim to protect biodiversity, recover natural landscapes, provide ecosystem services essential for human well-being, and offer research, education, and recreation opportunities when the owner's consent is obtained.

Activities such as management or extraction of natural resources, cutting of trees, agriculture, livestock production are prohibited in RPPN because this private reserve is a type of protected area very restrictive when it comes to its use.

RPPNs are a type of protected area very restrictive when it comes to its use. Management or extraction of natural resources, cutting of trees, agriculture, livestock production are forbidden activities.

The Natuscoin system aims to strengthen the conservation of RPPNs networks and other private reserves.

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Current Team


Ranulfo Sobrinho


Ranulfo is involved with blockchain technology and other DLTs since 2009. He is polymath by nature and is addicted to the design and creation of innovative "out-of-the-box" initiatives to solve socioecological problems. Its current focus is on the design and creation of Decentralized Autonomous Communities (DACs) to the regeneration of the Planet Earth. .


Laércio Sousa


Laercio Machado de Sousa is from São Paulo and Pantaneiro by choice. In the southern Pantanal for more than 25 years, he learned the flow of waters from the Pantanal basin and fell in love with the most conserved biome in Brazil. He has been working for more than 20 years with RPPNs, was president of REPAMS - Association of RPPNs of MS and CNRPPN. He is the current President of the Pantanal Biosphere Reserve and focal point of the MS / MT RPPN Network.


Karla Brenes


Karla is a Costa Rican in love with Brazil. She has extensive experience in the areas of sustainability, community conservation, communications, new types of money, new models organizational and blockchain. Co-founder of Sustainability School and BeSpiral, and co-author of New Money for Sustainability. Students from Singularity University and Fellow of the Shuttleworth Foundation.


Flávio Ojidos


Flavio is a nature lover who has been dedicated to the RPPNs universe for about 15 years and investigating how to generate financial resources through forest conservation. He is the creator of Jatai Capital and Conservation, author of the book Continuous Cycle Conservation and co-owner and manager of the Itaguare Giant RPPN

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